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What I do...


I work primarily as a leadership development and organisational consultant, facilitator, and executive coach.  I also moonlight as a writer and editor of The Embodiment Journal.

When working with organisations and executives I work as a Senior Consultant with DPA Consulting, a world-class boutique consultancy working with leadership, strategy, and innovation in some of the world's largest organisations and biggest brands.


What I seek to embody and thereby enable in others is:


Deep Care

Always seeing people as whole human beings and supporting them in their learning and growth in a way which is nurturing and driven by their needs not my agenda

Creating safety which enables….


Skilful Challenge

Providing experiences, ideas, and feedback which challenge people’s assumptions and invites them to take a more inclusive, compassionate, and thoughtful perspective on their life and work

This opens the door to…


Moments of Magic

What I see over and over again is that the most wonderful things in life, the most beautiful moments of connection and genuine transformation are mysterious.  Reflection can help these moments to land but analysis and explanation all too often muddy the water.  So… I create space for this magic to happen and work with people to notice it and embrace it when it emerges


The most common title I have is 'Facilitator.'  

Although the term ‘Facilitator’ is used a lot, often people are unsure what it really means.

I think a facilitator is a holder of space, process, awareness, and energy.  What that means I do is:

  • Create a safe space for you to have the conversations you need to have - difficult or vulnerable, messy or wonderful
  • Manage the processes involved in creating the experience so you can settle into being fully involved and present in it
  • Bring an awareness of group dynamics, keep the conversation on track, and if necessary help in noticing unconscious behaviour or conflicts
  • Assist in creating a supportive container for the ‘energy’ of the group with all the ideas, emotions, beliefs, values, enthusiasm and resistance that may be present