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Warrior Leadership

"...not leaders who know more; leaders who are more..."

Warrior Leadership is an appraoch to leadership as it pertains to everyday living.  Leadership often gets confused with being a Manager and being a Boss, and while it is linked to these organisational functions, it is not the same thing.  Leadership is a way of being: you are a leader, not based on specific actions but based on the quality of your presence and how that affects those around you.

It is this level - the level of being - that I want to work with people on, to enable them to be the most effective leaders that they can be in the whole of their lives.  Leadership is a vital quality to develop for anyone who wants to be active in the creation of their future - personal, familial, social, organisational, societal, political and global.  If you are a parent you are a leader, if you are a friend you are a leader, if you are a child you are a leader. 

The definition of leadership I work with is based on one given in the cadet's handbook for Westpoint Military Academy in the U.S.  The definition is:

"A leader is anyone who influences others to effective action."


Think about it: when a baby cries, and the mother picks the baby up, who is the leader?  The baby has influenced the mother to take effective action!  Leadership is a basic life skill, with us literally from the cradle, yet unless we are in a managerial or 'boss' function in our work, most of us will not have any leadership training.  I want to change that.  In terms of organisational leadership, this is not about developing leaders who know more, this is about developing leaders who are more.

As an senior manager, what would it be like if more of your people took real responsibility for achieving their goals?

Warrior Leadership is a framework I have developed as a philosophy and set of practices to grow leadership capacity.  I have worked with leaders in a variety of organisations and workshops sharing this work, often in partnership with the transformational Samurai Game leadership simulation.

Organisations served include:

  • The Academy for Chief Executives
  • Hewlett Packard
  • The Global leaders Academy
  • The Metropolitan Police
  • Michael Van Clarke

To make this powerful work more accessible I have now also published an online course which offers both the core philosophical understanding and the core practices so it is not just cognitive learning but embodied change.  You can find that on the Udemy platform, click on the image below for a link: