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'Presence' is something difficult to define, and yet most of us recognise it.  Some examples could be the actor that you can't take your eyes off when they're on screen; the manager who reassures people just by being in the office; the therapist who you instinctively trust; or the sales person who clients immediately warm to.  While some people are undoubtedly more naturally gifted at creating a given quality of presence than others, that doesn't mean that these things can't be learnt. It may seem obvious, but 'Presence' is all about being present.  Rather than being stuck in thoughts of the past, or dreams of the future we need to be really alive, alert and aware here and now.  This is what creates Presence.

The word 'Somatic' refers to the lived experience of the body.  

Somatic Presence is an approach to embodied learning, coaching, and health which has been developed over the last 12 years by Francis Briers and synthesizes key experience drawn from a range of physical disciplines including: martial arts and Chi Gung, the Alexander Technique, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, dance, physical theatre, and an understanding of how stress and trauma affects the body.  By working with simple exercises, learning the rules of optimal functional alignment, and having subtle postural adjustment, you can learn to be more present, powerful, and aware in your body.


Somatic Presence has numerous potential health benefits such as:

  •   reducing stress
  •   releasing trauma held in the musculature
  •   opening the breath (allowing full diaphragmatic breathing)
  •   improving digestion
  •   removing toxins from the body
  •   improving brain function

However, the primary focus of this work is to give you a concrete, body based method for moving more fully into the ephemeral present moment – here and now.