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My name is Francis Briers and this is a site for my work.

In facilitating I help people to cultivate their own wisdom, in teaching and writing I apply ancient wisdom to modern life, and in consulting I help organisations to cultivate wise leadership.

Most of my work involves deep experiential training and facilitation and an embodied approach - by which I mean, that our bodies are involved in the learning process, not just taxi's to get our brains in the room!


If you'd like to know what Fudoshin means, follow this link.


My Dream...


Over 10 years ago I was asked in a workshop what, as a child, I dreamed of being when I grew up.  A very clear answer came to me which I'm sure was significantly influenced by having wonderful stories read to me when I was young...


“A Sword-wielding Wizard who goes around helping people”


If this wasn't already the case, everything since then has been a wandering path to creating a life where I can live that dream.  And it feels like I've got pretty close:



I have a background in the martial arts and love working with the practices and philosophy of the world’s warrior traditions to create dynamic, values-based leadership in the world.



One way that the wizard or magician archetype is defined is as someone who works with the intangible forces in the world.  In much of what I do I am dealing with intangibles, working with people in the realms of their thinking, feeling, emotions, states, internal and sometimes spiritual development.  These are all things which are difficult to pin down but which have a profound and concrete effect on peoples’ lives and work.


Helping people 

Pretty much everything I do is linked by the intention to help people to have more fulfilling, joyful, flowing, successful, and meaningful lives.



Below are two of my favourite quotes which may give you a feel for my perspective:


Wisdom doesn’t consist of knowing specific facts or possessing knowledge of a field. It consists of knowing how to treat knowledge: being confident but not too confident; adventurous but grounded. It is a willingness to confront counterevidence and to have a feel for the vast spaces beyond what’s known.” - David Brooks

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."  - Howard Thurman